Jamal Art Life

This video is a segment that was recorded live apart of a multi-cam television studio project that I directed and wrote.

The idea of this segment was inspired by my original vision to make a satirical talk show. The pre-production of this project started in the pitch, where we (all students) would have to pitch a project and consequently, this project was chosen out of the many that pitched in our class. I was inspired by the works of Australian comedians and satirists including friendlyjordies, Aunty Donna, (ABC talk show) the Weekly and (HBO talk show) Last Week Tonight. I was responsible for writing the script, creating the shotlist and directing a class of 18 students. I was responsible for conveying my vision to such departments such as lighting, camera, production design, vision, sound and graphics.

In hindsight I would have done the shot list earlier so I could have done more complicated shots that would engage the audience further rather than static cameras, which would also mean that I would collaborate with the TD and camera people outside of class further. I would have collaborated further with the Production Design team so that problems such as bad wire for hanging the photo and the flimsy Late Nights @ Griffith banner would have been fixed before the rehearsal and shooting. I would also have had Jamal and Jono rehearse more beforehand and had more input on the script and also given Jamal palm cards. I would also have rehearsed all the segments together for directorial experience because as the takes progressed our overall performance was getting better. I would have also met some of the deadlines for documents (a rough draft of a script was finished for when a script was due, but it changed so much compared to the final document)(shot list) more effectively so everyone would know what is going on and not stress out with everything being sorted out in the last minute. Overall, this was a very fun experience to both collaborate with a relatively large group of people and also work creatively.

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