I directed, wrote, starred and edited this short film for an Assessment for Reading the Moving Image in early 2016.


Our group of 4 were tasked with creating a short film that fits within a genre but takes it in an ideological spin.



We decided to take the idea of the superhero genre and turn it into a black comedy about a delusional drunk who due to his alcoholism, inadvertently kills people in his intoxicated version of justice.

We would use VFX to give the impression that the character has super speed, and record a for lack of a better term “derp” version of the theme song from the CW show The Flash for a soundtrack that would accent the ridiculousness and comedy of the situation.


In conclusion, although we had a funny script, the final product was flawed. We didn’t have enough time to pull off all the VFX and we didn’t have enough coverage. This is due to the fact that we didn’t plan out the shots that weren’t VFX heavy thus had problems in the edit room. We required a reshoot which never happened. Despite the failure of execution of the project, I liked the concept of a satire / comedy short film that takes an ideological spin on  genre.