Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

Cloudy with a Chance of Rain is an abstract film exploring anxiety and depression.

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I was responsible for the edit (and all VFX) and sound design, while also performing as grip / data wrangler during production.In regards to quality, I am proud of the film in regards to the edit and VFX. In using montage theory as well as inspiration from the films of Mike Mills (Beginners 2010 & 20th Century Women) I think we have made an emotional visual experience. In terms of sound design, I think some of the V/O is off and that is due to how the V/O was filmed; in one case being a room that makes a strong echo and in the other with air conditioning (the echo being more obvious). Also the audio was ridiculously soft so when there is dialogue, some of the scenes are noisy in attempt to make the dialogue more audible.In retrospect, firstly I would have liked to gone through the shot list shot by shot with the director and DOP and maybe to see if what was planned would work through making a rough edit through rehearsals with the actors and when we actually did do the shoot, we know what will work. There are some shots that do not work and were scraped. I had to rely majorly on the director and DOP’s discretion in regards to whether the shots would cut together.In regards to sound design,  I would have had more of a proactive approach in planning sounds with my recordist while also checking that they record audio at an appropriate volume. I think the sound design concept overall is pretty good, scene by scene it builds and builds in tension with the sound design adding depth to the pictures. This is really effective in the Café scene.

The film won best Sound Design at the Griffith Screen Society Awards Evening 2017.

It has gone on to screen at the Brisbane International Film Festival, Screen It Film Festival, Short + Sweet Queensland Film Festival (winning the Heat One People’s Choice awards), Heart of Gold International Short Film festival, West End Film Festival, Noosa International Film Festival and will be screening at Orlando Film Fest and Melbourne Women in Film Festival.